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“Prakruti Ayurvedic resort is best Ayurvedic treatment center. It is needed for every person. specially after the age 50 years Best & Scientific methods are followed here.service & best attention os given .The best spot selected is also quite suitable provide all natural climate this kind of treatment increase life and peacefull life. With Best Wishes...... “

“I was having Dr.Dandekar's medicine's since 2014 after so many request of Dr.Dandekar i came here in 2016 and really got nice effect in Arthritis and now again i came for panchakarma from 29-01-2018 I'm in love of Prakruti only because of here's nature and treatment's systemetic plan from morning to night.everything is satisfying. All facilities are great and it's true that everyone feels btter after coming here. Bara Vataty “

“I came here for my husband's treatment he was suffering from spondylits. we got really nice treatement i also done 7 dya's panchakarma treatment on basis of my bithdate. we both got 100% relief .Today is Sankranti so... Tilachi snigdhat,Gulacha godava Prakrutichya mandhyamatun sorvach ajarana udava “

“I saw Dr.Dandekar's Hitguj on zee 24 tass and decided to come here.i was suffering from knee pain, spondylitis and PCOD. i got 100% relief in all my problem staff is very co-operative and nice. Nature of Prakruti is awsome. Thank You.... “

“My husband had membership of Prakruti so that they insist me to come Prakruti when i came inside of gate i felt like coming any hill station.i got new friends here. i got feeling of mother's home. i experience really nice treatment. I will come again sure “

“I came here from Pune Vadgao sheri. I was sufferung from knee pain.I visit kothrud shoppe and start medicince and i see good effect in my pain so i think i can get total relief after panchakarma so i decide to come Satara and have treatment and really i got 100% relief . everyone have to visit Prakruti ones and say bye to your problmes. “

“I came here for 2 day's detixification from Satara. my mother got 100% relief in spondylitis and piles . father also got relief and me in sinus .you will feel fresh when you meet Dr.Dandekar . Prakruti is the only palce where you will get physical and mental treatment. “

“I came here from Pune and now get membership.Dr.Dandekar treatment is really effective.Mr.Bendre really helped alot in all things. Mrs.Jadhav and Nandatai gives very nice Massage treatment . I got nice help by canteen's nanda mavashi. Deffinetly we will come again. “

“I came here for beejshudhhi and got 50% relief in 7 day's. Prakruti resort have nice atmosphere,pure air.i am feeling refreshed in prakruti nature.staff is very co-operative.patient get awsome treat by staff and forget about thier illness.guidence of expert doctor's is really nice. wishing best luck to Doctor's and staff. “

“I heard about Prakruti on redio .we decide to have 1 day detoxification.everyone have to do servicing of our body like vehical.Here you can enjoy nature valley view and get pure air. we really have great experience at Prakruti. “

“I came here to get treatment of cold ,cough,and pain in leg and i got 100% relief because of treatment service and staff , therapists and Dr.Dandekar behaviour . they all treat us like family member . so that i don't think single time that i am away from home.everyone is great. Thank You so much to all. Bara Vataty “

“I done 15 day's panchakarma treatment and got 40% relife and i have faith . i will get 100% relife but i am giving all credit of this effect to therapists and staff. I don't want go home now. Thank You.... “

“I done 10 days panchakarma . when i come here and meet Dr. Dandekar really feels like meeting god.staff is very polite and frank.50% disease cure they.I felt llike i come to my mother's home for 10 day's. wish you all the best. “

“My brother ,sister and me come here. i dont want stay here but after 2 day's i see the magical change.my mother is feeling very better doctor adviced her to operate for Spondylitis but now She is fine without operation only because of Prakruti and Dr.Dandekar. my sister also got really nice effect on her weight problem. now our feeling is Yes, amhala bar vataty. we want to come again and again because we get new positive energy here. “

“My wife was suffering from gas ,acidity and i was suffering from knee pain ,back pain. we both 100% relife after panchakarma treatment .we done panchakarma of 7- 7 days in year 2014 and 2015. we realy impressed of nature treatment,service and Prakruti's sttaff's behavior. I think everyone have to get help of ayurveda to cure thier problem. Thank you.... “

“I done 7 days panchakarma.I got mental and physical relife and feeling better.First time in life i live for self. i am very thankfull to Prakruti. “

“Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort is a good health clinic having all facilities for resident purpose. We came here to improve our digestive system and got really best results. We wish all the very best for Prakruti Ayurvedic health resort “

“Sarve sukhinah santu I Sarve santu niramyaha ll I cant express my feelings and experience about Prakruti in words. Each and every person of Prakruti is always there for you any time when you need . I would like to come again n again . everyone should do at least 5 days panchakarma every year. I wish Prakruti very very best luck to spread Ayurveda all over in he world “

“Prakruti is like mother’s home. I done 7 days course from 14-9-14. Half of my problem cures only by Dr. dandekar’s smile and support . all staff and thearpiests are very nice . their efforts is the only thing behind all treatments best results . I enjoyed nature and beauty of Prakruti Thank You … “

““Aarogyam Dhansampda” I am very thankful to Dr. suyog dandekar and all staff. When I came here I was in depression but only in 15 days its change and now I’m very happy . I was unable to do anything but if you can see now I get 75% relief. “

“Health Is Wealth Prakruti have beautiful nature and treatments like massage, wrap, steam etc. I think everyone should do panchakarma at early age . we do vehical servicing same our body need servicing to detox our body . Prakruti is another world. I wish good luck for Prakruti “

“To Prakruti , Its about my experience in Prakruti. Reduced fatuage and muddle of mind. I got new positive attitude towards all things. Here I got pollution free , hectic , stress free atmosphere. Wish you all healthy life and happy diwali “

“I had a a lot of pain and suffering due to increasing weight and waist . so there was irritability in thae way of behavior. All solutions I tried but that’s not useful. But when I came in Prakruti , I got relief in 15 days under Dr. Dandekar’s consultation. All the staff do their work honestly . I am very thankful of Dr. Dandekar and Prakruti. “

“SHARIR MADHYAMAM | KHALU DHARMA SADHANAM || As above Sanskrit shlok sentence , Prakruti teach us how to care our body to detox itself . so that we get relief . Dr. Dandekar have magical personality.i was suffering by Arthritis and Spondylitis problem. but now I got 50% relief . everything in Prakruti is great . prakruti’s slogan ( BARA VATATAY.. ) is 100% true . wish you all happy diwali and healthy life “

“First of all I want to thanks all doctors , therapists and Dr. Dandekar. I have faith that any patient who come to Dr. Dandekar will get relief 100% because of dr. dandekar’s attitude & treatment to patients . I got 90% relief in 15 days . actually I came to get treatment but when I came here , I felt that I am on my vacations and enjoying a trip in nature . THANK YOU “

“Prakruti should call aarogya sampada when I came here Dr. Dandekar gives me assurance that I will get relief 100%. His mental support cures my health issues 50%. Prakruti’s all staff , therapists , doctors and everyone is very creative. I am very thankful of all “

“Treatment in Prakruti is one of the best and finest such as Panchakarma , spa , Steam etc . I would recommend everyone to at least  visit Prakruti once in a year to clean your body and mind. Environment is very peaceful here. I wish all the best for Prakruti and team. “

“Me and my wife visited prakruti for purpose of Panchakarma TREATMENT. Initially we both were nervous regarding treatment. But Staff members and environment at prakriti made us feel like home. Treatment was very well. Everything in prakruti is perfectly managed with immediate action . Dr Dandekar treated us very well. Very thankful to be a part of Prakruti Family. “

“Basically i am from Nanded Dist , I visited Prakruti for  Back Pain Problem . Treatment was done very well which gave me relief . Doctors and Staff in Prakruti are very Helpful and Experienced. “

“From the first day itself we experienced huge respect from Prakruti Staff and Members. I went Panchakarma treatment which was fantastic. All things at Prakruti Resort are well manages with Good cleanliness and wellness. I have only Suggestion for Kitchen which is Food menu sometimes can be improved. “

“I joined Prakruti for only one purpose of Body internal cleaning. It gives you Mental Satisfaction and relief. Dr Dandekar treatment is wonderful Especially his “ Good Morning “ when they enters every patients rooms , 50% treatment is done with their wish. After undergoing treatment now i can happily say “ Bara Vatatay ’’ “

“I have came from Shirala Tal for my treatment. I use to have spinal back pain and used to be very disturbed because of it. After undergoing Panchkarma treatment in Prakruti I got 80% relief. Dr Suyog dandekar treat every patient on Individual level with carefully and Properly. “

“My name is Madhura Jadhav. I really am enjoying my stay here. Needless to say, everyone here works with 100% devotion, and dedication. The ambiance fills you up with positive thoughts and all the goodness in life. I personlly experienced a relaxed mind teamed with the physical cure. The team is very nice and the stay here takes you in a whole new world. Life in Prakruti has to be experienced rather than being explained. “

“Warm Greetings to Dr. Suyog Dandekar. I got admitted for treatment of neck, belly & knee in Prakruti. The methods of treatment are very good. All the staff is wery good. Everybody is looking of fulfilling their responsibilities with great /……. There is sound calm environment in Resort 7 the enviromnet is really beautiful & nature friendly. Now i found that i got a lot of improvement in my health. I found friendly environment in Prakruti. “Lots of well wishes to Prakruti “

“I am coming to prakruti first time but i was always coming to Dr. Dandekar for treatment at their OPD near to radhika road When i came here, i found that after getting in touch with the staff their respectful behaviour, the way they treat & also the natural beauty & the environment present around here cures half of our disease & the rest will be taken care & cured of by the treatment of Prakruti. “Long live Prakruti & keep growing “