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Jiyofresh – You have a new ‘wellness’wisher in your life!

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Slim and Sleek Leaflet

Weight loss? Don’t let it weigh on your mind.
Does the task of losing weight seem too hard to accomplish? No more.
Here is something that will help you actually enjoy the process of
weight management!
Prakruti Jiyofresh Sim & Sleek health supplement. Your friend that
makes your efforts at weight loss super easy and rewarding.
Check out what makes Slim & Sleek unique.
- It’s made from pure and nourishing herbal products that we are
so familiar with since ages.
- It has been developed after extensive research and trials.
- It is a rich and natural source of health giving elements.
- It enhances metabolism that helps in weight reduction.
- It keeps you fresh and energetic during the diet.
- It complements all types of exercise and diet plans.
- It is very easy to use.
Now that you know how special it is, aren’t you ready to kickstart your
journey towards a slim and sleek you?
Order you Slim & Sleek now!
This wonder formula, developed by well known Ayurvedic expert
Vaidya Suyoug Dandekar is available at any Jiyofresh outlet close to
you. You can also order for it on phone. Do contact us.

Rs. 600 Rs. 600