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Life at Prakruti is a rhythmic sequence of therapies, exercise and meditation in sync with nature. Nestled in the verdant hill slopes, the resort offers accommodation choices to suit your preferences and houses infrastructure for doctors consultation and administration of treatments.

Once the patients is directed to Prakruti for treatment, they are welcomed by the staff and settled comfortably in the rooms as per their choice. A meeting is set up for the doctor’s consultation who checks the patients as per earlier reference and prescription if any.

The unique benefit at Prakruti is assessment of health on the basis of the patient’s birth date. The doctors at Prakruti assess and diagnose the patient from their birth date which enables them to plan a highly focused treatment. Besides this, doctors also advise on diet and meditation.

The day is then well planned according to the treatments prescribed. Patients follow a healthful routine under the supervision of expert staff. The restaurant on the campus provides food in line with the dietary norms prescribed to the patients. In fact Dr. Dandekar has personally innovated several recipes to incorporate the benefits of Ayurvedic elements and to cater to the taste of the patients.

The Yoga or Community hall becomes a place for some conducive socializing, besides of course doing yoga together. Residents also get free time to walk around the Nakshatra Garden, acupressure walk and to enjoy the congenial surroundings to relax the mind and body.