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Two Main Types of Basti

Asthapan Basti

Asthapan Basti or the enema therapy is also called as Niruhana Basti. This basti helps in removing the doshas (stuck inside the body tissues) in the form of faeces. Judging by the form of the disease, properties and actions of the medicines to be used, time of the day, type of the season and whether the patient is strong enough to respond to the treatment, this Basti, when given to the patient, purifies all the body pores. More often Aasthapan Vasti is given in the disease of the large intestine and the digestive tract.

Anuvasan Basti

If the roots of the tree are filled with water, it also fills the tree with leaves, flowers and fruit. Similarly, inside the detoxified and purified body (from which the aggravated doshas have been removed), this particular Basti provides vigour, vitality and strength to the body. In this method of treatment, medicated oils are given in enemas that lubricate the body tissues. It works by purifying and nourishing the seven dhatus (body tissues) inside the body viz. Rasa, Rakta, Maans, Medha, Asthi, Majjha and Shukra (Juice, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and semen) dhatus or the body tissues. Furthermore it helps in holistic healing and thus enhancing the total health of the individual.

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