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Hi Friends, 

April has started and the summer heat is on. According to ayurveda, April and May months are considered as “grishma rutu”. During these months sunrays are very powerful and hazardous. Here, phlegm subsides a little while wind is created in the body. Every year thousands of people experience health disorders like heatstroke, prickly heat, skin infections, and weakness. This is why ayurveda prescribes different health regimes for different seasons. With every season there is a specific diet and set of instructions to follow. This season affects digestive power on a large scale. One needs to stay hydrated hence it is advisable to follow an easy-to-digest, liquid diet. Direct sunlight, excessive salt, too spicy, bitter and sour food should be avoided. Similarly, intense exercises should be avoided. Balanced diet intake of sweets, nutrition, cooling, liquid food should be followed. Non vegetarian food, rice gruel, raisin juice, lassi and coconut water should be included in diet. Clothes of thin linen should be used more, geographical regions with comparatively colder atmosphere can be visited. Aromatic flowers, fragrant things should be carried around. Late night walks can be considered. Slim, pregnant, children can rest in the afternoon. Habits like artificial cooling replaced with khus curtains and mats, not letting sweat dry on the skin are beneficial. People experiencing kidney stones, excessive heat and similar disorders should have 1 spoonful of amla churna, one can consider drinking coriander seeds’ water throughout the day, fresh buttermilk, salad can be useful home remedies to beat summer heat. To keep skin radiant use utane while bathing. To keep stomach disorders at bay, consider clean, boiled water. Such details can help you enjoy a healthy summer season. 

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