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Hi Friends, 

Acidity- the word itself gives everyone heartburn. Be it for medical consultation or otherwise I encounter so many people complaining about acidity. But they try their own remedies like having tablets every alternate days, drinking cultured water everyday. There are some who even try vomiting out acidity every morning amidst others. But we miss out on the most fundamental question “why me”? We stay with our families, we share the same diet, similar habits so why am I the only one who has acidity? This can be explained very well through ayurveda. Once during a routine day at my OPD, I met a patient who was complaining about tooth disorders and it’s lack of luster. He tried a lot of remedies, consulted a lot of doctors but in vain. I asked him to produce his medical history. While going through it, I noticed he was a May-born, such people have acidity problems. When I asked him his routine, he mentioned having lime water every single day. I further asked him the reason to which he replied that his neighbour asked him to do so and this patient continued having lime water for 4-5 years. As a May-born, his basic health-nature was acidic and additionally he used to have citric acid every morning which was worsening acidity. So, I asked him to stop having lime water immediately, check his pulse and prescribed a few medicines. After a month his teeth were full of luster and his acidity problems were cured! This example very well explains and even ayurveda advices us that we should always adopt diet and habits that are suitable to us according to our basic health.

Now let’s understand what is acidity. Our systems are capable to digest food and acidity plays an important role in this. But our dietary habits, style of living, sleep majorly define digestive power and an imbalance in it leads to acidity problems. There are two types of acidity- one is sour whereas the other one is bitter. Symptoms of sour acidity include burps, acid reflux or vomiting. Bitter acidity means heartburn and headache, skin rashes etc.

Irregular meals are the root cause for acidity. Gas problems worsen the problem leading to issues like headache, backache, stomach ache etc. 

Here are a few home remedies for acidity prescribed by ayurveda:-

First of all, correct your daily routines. Waking up early in the morning, having food on time, getting enough sleep should be followed strictly. 

Diet- Improper diet, stale food, having food on time, oily food, maida, and readymade/ restaurant food should be avoided. Consume raw food and fast in case of indigestion.

Water intake- Timings for water intake play a very important role. Do not have plenty of water right after you wake up. Similarly, one should have limited water while having food. Drink water after a gap of at least an hour after having lunch/ dinner. 

Habits- Get ample sleep. Do not stay awake at nights and avoid stepping out in sun. Sleeping during the day increases acidity problem. 

Indigestion also causes acidity. Turmeric, ginger, dry ginger, clove, cumin should be included in home remedies for acidity. Consume fresh fruits and raw vegetables regularly. 

Always consult a doctor if you have acidity. For all sorts of acidity complaints call us today on 9850 84 84 82

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