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Today I looked out and found so much dirt. Tree leaves went dark, the flowers were dull. It is better I at my home. When you see so many pollutants, heat, dirt, dust, harmful bacteria etc. you feel like closing the windows and relax. Whatever happens, happens to the windows. But it suddenly struck to me that these pollutants and external elements harm our biological windows aka our skin irrevocably. What about that?

Skin is the largest body organ. It’s primary objective is to act as a protective layer guarding every internal organ. Digestive juices, clean blood and clear flesh collectively reflect healthy skin. In ayurvedic treatments, skin plays a vital role for numerous treatments.

According to ayurvedic science, there 7 layers of skin- avbhasini, lohita, shweta, tamra, vedini, rohini, mansadharaa. These directly reflect skin tendencies like acne, pimples, leucoderma etc. These skin problems often reflect factors located deeper than we think.

Skin acts as a receptor through sensory neurons situated within. Certain places like stomach, heels, palm the skin is a little thick, however vein, forehead, etc. have comparatively thinner layers of skin. It even absorbs and provides nutrition through therapies like oil massages, fruits masks, abhyang massage, shirobasti, lepa for joint pains etc.

Nutrition absorption is boosted through three elements- clean blood, unclogged pores, and rasa dhatu. Skin tends to excrete toxins, and other waste substances through blood, while rasa dhatu plays a very important role for healthy, radiant skin. When agni digests food, digestive juices (rasa dhatu) are created that provide nutrition to all cells and tissues. 

There a few do’s and don’ts to balance rasa dhatu. Here is a list of few:
. Quality of rasa dhatu is improved through ample water intake, milk, and healthy lifestyle;
. Clean blood is also required for skin care. Clean blood provides nutrition, and strength to every body part. So, quit smoking as excessive smoking pollutes blood irrevocably;
. Exercise as it enhances blood circulation;
. Visit places with lesser pollution levels for better health.

Biggest reason for major skin problems is viruddha ahar (improper food consumption). Avoid:
. Improper food combinations;
. Wrong food processing;
. Incorrect meal timings;

Examples of viruddha ahar:
. banana + milk;
. bitter-tasting starters of juices before meals;
. fish + milk;
. Cold water immediately after a hot cup of tea/ coffee;
. Heated honey.

Also avoid reheating of food. Reheated food or reused oil results in oxidative stress. This triggers free radicals in our internal system which leads to skin wrinkling, premature skin aging, discolouration of skin and more. It damages cell components which detroits and breaks DNA strands. Oxidative stress is closely related to cardiovascular diseases, vitiligo, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s amidst others.

Panchakarma treatments are known to slow down such issues and reverse some of the damages. They involve a series of pre-karma, main karmas, post-karmas. Panchakarma is known to detoxify, nourish and strengthen digestive system, balance metabolism, and more.

Health resort Prakruti located at Kaas plateau in Satara is a trusted wellness destination for such health related issues. Dr. Suyog Dandekar has cured chronic health problems and has restored good-health for numerous patients. The resort is well-known for it’s ayurvedic therapies and panchakarma treatments. 

Following is the wide range of Prakruti JiyoFresh skincare products. These products help cure various sking problems like pimples, dry dkin, skin darkening, skin burst, dark circles, skin rashes, excessive fats and more..

Noorvi Tablets :- Blood cleanser, Skin problems, Blood disorders, Pimples, Fever
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Sunikhar Utane :- Skin burst, Glowing skin, Dry skin, Soft skin, Excessive fats.
S.D.Mohini Face Pack :- Pimples, Oily skin, Dark circles, Facial scars.
Epic Shatadhaut Ghrut :- Skin rashes and itching, Heat, Pimples, Soft skin

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