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Hello folks, 

Winter season is on the way and when we think of cold weather, we think of Diwali. Indian festivals are climatically very well-planned and during Diwali while we have lots of sweets and festive snacks. During this season sunheat reduces making the atmosphere cold which results in stronger digestive system. This is why we naturally get tempted towards such foods and is capable of digesting fatty, heavy foods. Hence this festival is good for health. 

Ayurveda relates to climatic changes. According to ayurveda, folks who follow diet, habits and lifestyle according to season, stay healthy for lifetime. So, let’s understand winter season. 

Diet tips for winter season-
Our digestive system is good so you can safely follow nutritional diet, even if it is heavy-to-digest. Nourishing food gives better protection from cold and prevents vaat dosha prakop. Fatty, acidic and salty food diet is suitable in winter season. 

You can increase milk intake and dairy products. Including sugarcane juice, jaggery, oily food substances, fresh rice etc. is also a good idea, especially benefits child growth. 

Habits- Exercises are equally important in this season. Follow limited exertion yet ample exercise. However, vaat dosha people should access their health constitution before choosing suitable exercises.
During Diwali festival we have abhyang snan, but ayurveda advices these baths all year-long as it protects the skin from getting dry. Provides better health lesser wear-and-tear keeping vaat prakop away. 
Always sleep in warmer beds and stay well-insulted during winters. Whenever you feel thirsty and while having food prefer lukewarm water. 

Don’ts for winter season- Skip smaller meals full of easy-to-digest foods substances. Avoid vaat vardhak diet. Travelling in cold atmosphere and intake of barley water is a strict no-no in winters. 

Panchakarma for winter season- At the end of rainy and at the start of winter season, water is usually hot and acidic. Virechan is extremely important this time as pitta prakop is on high. It eliminates body toxins out of one’s system. It is also very good for vaat dosha and is very much necessary during winter season. 

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