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1. Digestive system is weak during summer season. Also, body organs need more hydration. So, have easy to digest, light meals with enough soups and juices included.

2. Limit intake for sweets, oily foods, cold as well as liquid food. Drink sugarcane juice, rice kanji, soups, black raisin soup, aam panna juice and seasonal fruits like mangoes, watermelons, grapes etc.

3. People have buttermilk during summer season. Buttermilk is much better than yogurt, mattha, paneer etc.

4. Drink water from earthen pot (math). Avoid drinking water immediately stepping in from outside. Wait for atleast 5-10 minutes before water consumption. Adding chandan, vetiver (wala), Arabian jasmine (mogra) gives better results.

5. It is important to sleep well. Thin people, pregnant ladies, mothers, kids should take a nap in the afternoon.

6. Avoid direct exposure from harsh sunlight. Wipe excess sweat.

7. Increase intake of cabbage juice, aloe vera juice, amla juice, fresh lemon juice, kokam juice, coconut water, raw mango juice (aam panna) etc. Black plum, watermelon helps better digestion.

8. Walk early in the morning, ensure proper eyecare, and wash your face atleast 2-3 times.

9. Wear cotton clothes, visit cold climatic areas, keep scented flowers and things around you. Walking under the stars helps too.

10. Exercise moderately. Avoid physical stress. 

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