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Panchkarma Therapy For Vaat Dosha

Ayurveda classifies rainy season as the time of “vaat prakop”. Vaat gets accumulated during summer. Untreated, accummulated vaat further leads to vaat prakop. Every health problem triggered by vaat dosha are commonly seen during monsoon.
Basti is known considered as the best of panchakarma remedies on vaat prakop.
Therapeutic anema of various medicinal brews and essential oils is vital for well-being and healing vaat related problems.

Importance of basti ayurveda
Ayurvedic medicinal brews (kadha) or essential oils are injected and excreted in a specific way. This process is called basti.

Niruh basti : Given before meals, empty stomach.
Matrabasati : Infusion of essential oil post lunch.
Mutrabasti : Given via urinary tract.
Uttar basti : Remedy through cervix opening.
Vranbasti : Healing through opening of a wound.

Basti kriya is considered best for balancing vaat dosha among vaat- pitta- kapha. Treatment duration for basti in panchakarma takes 7/ 14 or 21 days depending upon one’s health.

Symptoms of vaat : Joint pain, back pain, alzheimer’s, palsy, paralysis, constipation, epilepsy, rheumatism, gout and body ache.

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